Product Display Program

Sawdust City is your GO-TO Company for:

  • Drop shipping (no inventory woes)
  • Fast Shipping (reliable restocking)
  • Store Displays & Furniture (soap, tea & herbs, apparel & more)
  • Private Label Manufacturing (we build it, you brand it!)
  • Custom & Personalized Products (one-time signs or store exclusives)

Candleberry Candle Displays

We are a successful drop shipping company for a wide range of customers. What does that mean for you? If a customer wants to order one of our solid pine products you don't have in stock, you can place an order with us and we'll ship it directly to your customer! Offer our entire catalog of goods without having to stock every item!

Also, if you have a product display program with us, we will build and ship your solid wood displays to the stores that opt-in to your program.

What is a product display program?  (click for our Custom Display Brochure)
If you are a small goods manufacturer and want to ensure that your product shows prominently in your customers' stores, we will work with you to create a solid knotty pine product display that you can offer as a package deal with your products. Guarantee visibility in stores with a branded display. Provide us with your logo and we'll take care of the signage as well! Call Amber at 800-528-6008 for more information.

Custom Store Displays

Are you a store that needs wood display furniture for the variety of products you carry? We are experts at custom wood furniture design, and can build unique display and wood storage pieces that add style and functionality to your store's floor space. No matter what kind of products you sell, we can help you display your products in the best way possible. From standard bookcase-style shelving to angled wood bins and apparel displays, we've got you covered. Whether you are looking for freestanding product display furniture, or need solid display shelving that screws into your walls, we can build the custom wood display you need. If you are looking for sturdy, solid wood shelving and display options for your store, Sawdust City is the place to call! 800-528-6008

What is private label manufacturing? In short, we build it, you brand it. Do you have an idea to sell a solid wood product that you can't find anywhere else? Is there a unique wood item you have in mind, but can't find anyone to make it? Let us build it! We have proven success in making custom wood products built to order with unique features or twists. Popular side tables with art prints on top, knotty pine console tables with barndoor hardware, simple serving trays and custom keepsake boxes...all made from solid knotty pine and ready for your branding. We do the work, you take the credit!


We are a small, locally owned company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. At Sawdust City, we build each item from beginning to end—from raw lumber to finished product. Each piece is made to order, we do not warehouse products to simply pull off the shelf. Despite that, our efficient workflow means we can turn your order around in record time! No waiting for a boat from overseas with a flat pack of MDF. Our products are made from real wood and ship mostly—if not fully—assembled.

We choose knotty wood and create our products to have an old look and feel. “Primitive, Rustic, and Farmhouse” are great descriptions of our products. Expect knots, variances in color, finish, and wood. Because wood is imperfect by nature, the slight flaws add to the character of each piece. All our furniture and display pieces are made using screws and plugs, not air nails and staples! Our beautiful, solid pine furniture is meant to last and be used forever!

Sawdust City is also a green manufacturer. All lumber is provided by high quality sawmills who follow sustainable forestry initiatives. We are proud to be green—from the lumber we use to the water-based paints we finish with. We recycle our scrap and dispose of waste to environmentally safe standards. Even our sawdust is recycled for local animals! You can be even more proud to carry our US-made products knowing they are sustainable and that we care about the environment.