We order a lot of furniture for our rental properties and have never experienced the quality of furniture and level of service that Sawdust City provides. Their furniture is beautifully made and their customer service is unrivaled. ~Escapade Vacation Rentals, California

Holy Cow! You were so quick to set up my account (which I appreciate) but then I ordered just a few days ago and it just arrived. You guys are amazing. I love my signs and I’ll def be ordering again. Thanks for such GREAT service!

Thank you, Shannon! I really appreciate how quickly you guys ship everything. We are a summer resort area and July and August make up 80% of our business. We have your signs in our front window right now, and people just LOVE them!

Jennifer Collins Two Fish Gallery Leland, MI

We absolutely love the Sawdust City signs! Our customers chuckle their way through our store as they read the funny sayings on the signs. It makes our store an uplifting experience for today's shopper and gives them pleasure when they are only able to browse. We LOVE them!! Thank you!

Marilyn Marilyn’s Boutique Rogers, MN

Liz, I have been a customer of yours for a few years now and couldn't be happier! Thank you for years of great customer service and outstanding product. Today (somehow-today- of all days) I found the page on how you got started. How wonderful that you could do something so amazing and give 20 people jobs, I love the picture of everyone on your web. I don't know how it took so long to find this page. I thought I've seen everything on your website. The signs sell amazing here. I will continue to sell the heck out of Sawdust City signs!

Sincerely, Jena Turner Breathe Inspiring Gifts Port Jefferson Village

"Thank you! I really appreciate your excellent customer service and quick shipping! :)"

Jennifer Collins Two Fish Gallery Leland, MI

"We have found signs from Sawdust City to be a hot-selling product. Our experience has been great with quick and timely shipping as well as excellent customer service. We love the variety of signs and colors to choose from"!

Lori Nielson, Owner—Traditions Gift Shop
featured "Retailer Profile", January 2007-Country Business Manitowoc, WI.

"Signs are one of our biggest sellers. SawdustCity is excellent for quality, color choice andunique sayings. Their personable customer service has kept us a loyal customer,and the custom bookcases built for us are superb.Thanks Sawdust City for providing a quality product to help us become Retailer of the Year!”

Julie Lancia & Barb Mueller, JB Winterberry, Wheaton, IL
2006 Country Business Retailer of the Year.

“Everyone at The Woods loves Sawdust City’s signs! They are well done, yet simple. High quality, great selection, excellent customer service ,quick turn around and incredible sales were our reasons for presenting Sawdust City with our Empty Shelf Award (LooneyAward)in 2005 and 2006!”

Dave and Linda Looney, Owners—three stores,The Woods.

Thanks for being such a great source for me.

I wanted to tell you why your boards are better than other sign companies that I order from. 1. All others finishes are not as durable as yours. They scratch or crackle finishes chip easily. 2. The sign options that you offer are greater than other companies. 3. I can't rely on ship dates from other vendors and it is extremely important because of the nature of my business. I really wanted to offer a variety but the majority of my clients want your style board and it fits more interior styles. So thanks a bunch from me!

Julie Wynalda True Vine Creations www.truevinecreations.com

Liz, My furniture arrived today and it is glorious! Thank you so much. It's exactly what I had in mind - functional AND attractive. I will definitely be back to your site in the future.

Thanks again.
Christy G; Richmond, VA

Hi, Liz! Karen Porter here in Texas. We LOVE the new tables! They are great and you are so appreciated for suggesting the small display table to sit atop of the larger one. It makes a terrific display! I will need to take some photos and send along to you. . . the furniture all just looks fantastic!

Thanks so very much!
Karen Porter Scents of Décor

Dear Liz, I'm so sorry I never had the opportunity to tell you and the crew what a fine job you all did for Life-O-Licious. The store looks great because of you products. Putting your products in my store set the tone in style and functionality.

Susan Gardetto Life-O-Licious Flemington, NJ

Hi Liz, I just received the bench. Boy, that really arrived quickly. The bench is perfect! I appreciate the shortening of the sides. I will keep you guys in mind and share your site with others.

Thanks, Heidi B.

Liz I referred several friends to you. If all the busineeses I had to deal with were as polite and efficient as you guys the world would be a good place. thank you again.

Dawn D.

Hi Liz, I just pulled in my garage and found a big white box in there. Well,I'm sure I don't have to tell you how long it took me to pick it up and take it in the house.I couldn't wait!(about 5 minutes!) To make a long story short the Jelly cupboard is absolutely perfect!!It fits just right where I had planned to put it.The color is just right.I couldn't ask for a more perfect match!I am completely satisfied and I thank you so much for providing your service via the internet website.I look forward to my next purchase and I plan on telling everyone who asks "where did you get the jelly cupboard?" that I got it at Sawdust City LLC! I am one happy customer tonight!!

Thanks again!
Phyllis B.

"I was so excited when I found your furniture online. I had been searching for candle cabinets in particular and was thrilled when I saw exactly what I had been envisioning. I ordered a number of pieces to use for retail store displays, including the large cabinets and several smaller pieces. When they arrived I was literally impressed beyond words! The photos online couldn't begin to do justice to the actual pieces. The furniture is even more beautiful than I expected and the quality is unsurpassed! I also ordered a selection of signs and expect that we'll be back for many, many more. Thanks so much for such reasonably priced and high quality furniture, and for your exemplary customer service!" Thanks again for all you do!

All the best,
Karen Porter Scents of Decor Austin, Texas

Hi Liz! Just wanted to give you some feedback on the furniture! We just love it! It looks great where we have (most of) it in our spare bedroom! We've gotten many compliments on it! It's very well made and strong, by all appearances. The garbage bin is in the kitchen and it's great! We ended up putting the large storage trunk at the foot of our bed in the master bedroom as a place to store sheets and blankets and an extra place to sit. It looks perfect there! That blue color goes wonderfully in both our bedroom and the guest bedroom, it turns out. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you personally made this a very positive purchasing experience for us, and we would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to our friends when they are in the market for furniture of this type.

Sincerely, Stephanie and Eugene I.

p.s. Received the safety hinge today. Thanks!

Hi Liz, This is Jane from Marlboro, NJ. I just wanted you to see how I've used the hutch. I refinished it by slowly removing some of the paint/stain. I wanted the grain to show through to match the light oak of my cabinets. Then I stenciled it and finished it off with a clear satin polyurethane. I LOVE IT! Some of the things that are on the hutch will be replaced. I noticed that copper really makes a big difference when displaying with this color. I know it may be unorthodox to send a picture of it, but you were so nice, I thought I would show you how lovely it is in my kitchen.

Thanks again and Happy Holiday, Jane

"We purchased a number of pieces from Sawdust City to use as displays in our new retail store. We are absolutely thrilled with each and every piece! The quality is exceptional and the colors are beautiful. We aren't even open for business yet, and we've had people stopping by to comment on the great furniture we are featuring in our store. Thanks so much for offering such terrific value and quality in your products. You'll be getting more orders from me!"

Karen Porter Scents of Decor Austin, TX

Dear Liz, We received the bookcase today. We absolutely love it - it is exactly what we were hoping for.

Thank you very much,
Seema NYC

Liz, Just wanted to thank you for our great red benches. We love them and will recommend your shop to family and friends. Thanks so much for everything. Happy Easter.

Sincerely, Amy G.

Just wanted to let you know - I received my benches very quickly. I stained and polied them. They look beautiful and are functional too. thanks for a great product. your service was great too.


Liz, Wow! I can't wait to receive it! I will let you know when it arrives! Thanks so much for all your great customer service!


Liz, Wow, they arrived today, March 22 -- fast! Very nice, too. Excellent for sitting on to play guitar and banjo. Nice work -- thank you!

John V.

Small and large bench, black with natural top.

Hi Liz, The table and storage bench arrived today and we are just thrilled!!!!! We couldn't believe we got them so quickly - especially w/our special "tree cut-out" request. The quality and workmanship is excellent and we were very impressed with your packing. We have a house on a lake in upstate NY and your furniture fits right in with our "cabin" theme. We'll definitely be ordering more stuff soon!


Sawdust City has been a joy to work with. i was so impressed with how quickly i received my order--even the shelves i had specially made!! and they were extremely friendly and their products are of great quality, both of which are very important to me as i shop around for products to carry in my store!!

Allyson B.

I was in a local store last week and saw some pieces that looked like yours - until I got up close that is! They were not made as nicely or stained as well. I asked the store personnel where they bought them and was told that there is a company in the adirondaks that makes them. Well, your pieces are so much nicer. Have a great weekend!

Jerrie H.

Hi Liz, It arrived last night around 7:30 - all safe and sound! That was one of the best packed, but easiest to get out things I have seen. Of course, we just had to get it put up last night so I really did appreciate everything being so easy. And it looks great. Our kitchen has a lot of white/off white/almond/bone color with primarily yellow accents so the old white looks perfect - not just another shade of white, but something with a little color. Thanks again for your help. I know we are going to enjoy our hutch.

Regards, Tom

Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the speed with which you delivered my order. We received our hutch and cabinet today and my wife absolutely loves them both. We have some very expensive Noritake China and it looks wonderful in this furniture. Everything was packed very well and delivered without any problems. Once again thank you and thanks to the folks at Sawdust City for a fine product and excellent service.

Thanks, Bill

Liz, Just want to let you know the hutch arrived yesterday and is very beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful item.

Best, Kathryn K.

Just wanted to say thank you! The item I received looks so nice! What a wonderful and beautiful shelf. It really finished up a room that I have been working on. I just couldn't find anything that I liked and when I came across this website, I knew that this shelf was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for this companies wonderful craftsmanship!

Your customer, Sarah

P.S. I will definitely be returning to purchase more from this website when I start on the next room!!!

My name is Janette M. I am a special education teacher in Shoreview, MN. I am emailing you to let you know how happy I am to have found the sign "Friends & Family Gather Here." Here is my story that goes along with this sign.

Day 1: Finding the Sign
The speech and language clinician (Chris) at our school grew up in Amery, WI. We (several teachers) took a trip to Amery to shop. We had a great time. For lunch we stopped at a little coffee shop called "Grandma Bonnies." On the wall was your sign, "Friends & Family Gather Here." I, as well as one of the other teachers (Shelley) fell in love with the sign. At Grandma Bonnies, they sell many of the decorations throughout their shop. I asked the employee how much the sign was. He said that he did not think that it was for sale but he would check. "No, the sign is not for sale." They were not sure were they got it. A few months had passed and we found out that Shelley's teaching position had been cut and that she would no longer be teaching with us. We were and still are crushed. We were pondering on the perfect gift. Chris remember the sign at Grandma Bonnies.

Day 2: In Search of the Sign
On her next trip back to Amery she again asked to buy the sign. No luck, but they knew of a woman in town who made signs and they were sure that she had made it. Chris placed an order with the woman who made signs and we could not wait to go back and pick it up.

Day 3: Back to Amery to pick up the imposter!
Chris and I drove back to Amery on July 10, 2003. We were so disappointed when we got the sign and we did not have the heart to tell the lady that had made it for us that it did not look anything like the sign hanging in Grandma Bonnies. Foolishly we paid her anyway and headed back to Grandma Bonnies. Again we begged to buy the sign, this time asking Grandma Bonnie. The answer was still no. Bonnie stated that she was sure that she had bought the sign in Siren, WI about an hour north of Amery. Chris and I called every gift shop in Siren. The gift shops in Siren were sure that they had seen or heard of a similar sign and didn't think that they had it in thier stores, but would be willing to order it for us. Chris and I raced to Siren, WI. One of the shops that we had stopped in was The General Store. They had a catalog that had your pieces and the name and number for Vern Linder. I called Vern and spoke with Cheryl. She told me to check with Sawdust City! So here I am, ordering 3 "Friends and Family Gather Here" signs. 1 for Shelley, 1 for Chris, and 1 for me. Not to mention 1 great story that goes along with them. Anyway, thank you for reading. I just thought that you would like to know that you have made three women from Shoreview, MN very happy! Have a great day!

Sincerely, Janette M.

Dear Liz, My small toy bench arrived this morning, and it's really lovely. I'm using it as a boot bench in my little entryway landing, and the size, shape, and color are perfect.

Thank you!
Deborah H.

P.S. My mother grew up in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, and Eau Claire was the nearest "big city"!

Sawdust City signs are outstanding sellers at CUT ABOVE HOME stores. We love the colors, sayings, and variety that Sawdust City offers. Our business has now grown to 3 locations with signs being fast moving and profitable. We love the quality, quick service, prices, and continual fresh/new selections.

Julie Schrimf, Owner, CUT ABOVE HOME, 3 store locations, 2008

After being named Retailer of the Year by Country Business Magazine as well as #1 Antique Shop in the western suburbs of Chicago, we realized that our products have made us who we are today. Sawdust City has enabled us to earn our customers' trust by selling a quality product at a reasonable price. We have done our homework on sign companies and consistently find Sawdust City to be our top choice for signage. Their exceptional qualities include motto selections, color, heavy pine quality, quick shipping and great prices. Thanks Lisa and Liz for your attention to today's trends!

Julie & Barb JB Winterberry, Wheaton, IL