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AA God Service Act as if easy does it - This too shall pass - Turn it over Live & let live - H.O.W. - Think think think - Plug the jug - Expect miracles - Acceptance is the answer - Where you go, there you are - Faith without works is dead you will Intuitively know - K.I.S.S. - I came; I came to; I came to believe - Half measures availed us nothing - Trust God, clean house, trust others, if it works, don't fix it - One day at a time - Let go and let God - Give it away to keep it - Minds are like parachutes - Surrender to win - But grace of God - Courage to Change - Count your blessings - Hope - ;et it begin with me - Prayer & meditation - I can't; he can I think I'll let him - To thine own self be true - Analysis Is Paralysis - Faith - Attitude of Gratitude - To be forgiven we must forgive - Don't quit before the miracle happens - Use the 24-hour plan - God is never late - Life on life's terms - Progress not perfection - Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less 


  • Size: 12x12 inches
  • Solid Pine frame
  • Thin panel to keep sign lightweight
  • Easy to hang from frame back
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Color Palette

We do our best to represent colors accurately, but viewing screens vary from one to another, and from real life.
If you'd like to order a set of color chips, please call 800-717-3031.

lemonlime_tiny.jpgapple_tiny.jpgkelly_tiny.jpgmoss_tiny.jpgsage_tiny.jpgcelery_tiny.jpgbgreen_tiny.jpgemerald_tiny.jpgwintergreen_tiny.jpggreen_tiny.jpgpeacock_tiny.jpgturquoise_tiny.jpgaqua_tiny.jpgbaqua_tiny.jpgseablue_tiny.jpgslate_tiny.jpgwbblue_tiny.jpgblue_tiny.jpgroyal_tiny.jpgltblue_tiny.jpgbblue_tiny.jpglavender_tiny.jpgpurple_tiny.jpgplum_tiny.jpgelderberry_tiny.jpgraspberry_tiny.jpgblush_tiny.jpgpink_tiny.jpgbpink_tiny.jpgcoral_tiny.jpgpaprika_tiny.jpgborange_tiny.jpgred_tiny.jpgburgundy_tiny.jpgbrown_tiny.jpgcaramel_tiny.jpgtoffee_tiny.jpggold_tiny.jpgmustard_tiny.jpgtangerine_tiny.jpgyellow_tiny.jpgbtang_tiny.jpgbyellow_tiny.jpgcottage_tiny.jpgcream_tiny.jpgivory_tiny.jpgputty_tiny.jpgSawdust City Anchor Gray Color Chipcharcoal_tiny.jpgblack_tiny.jpgwalnutpoly_tiny.jpgchestnut_tiny.jpgbutternut_tiny.jpgpoly_tiny.jpgpalettes_tiny.jpg

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